Firearm Transfers

When purchasing a firearm online or from someone from another state, you MUST ship it to a Federal Firearm License (FFL) dealer in order to fill out and submit the necessary paperwork required by the ATF in order to take legal possession of the firearm.  

The Transfer Process:

  1. Find the firearm that you like.
  2. When purchasing the firearm, you will need to provide your FFL's information.
  3. Enter Outdoor Arms, LLC as the desired FFL.
  4. Contact Outdoor Arms and provide the shippers contact information, details of the firearm and the order or invoice number.
  5. We will provide our FFL information to the shipper and arrange shipment.
  6. Once the firearm arrives, we will notify you via your contact information previously provided to arrange a time for pickup.
  7. After filling out the ATF form 4473 and successful background check, you will be able to take the firearm home.

NOTE: Sometimes background checks are delayed. This could be resolved within minutes but sometimes can take days for the background check to come back.  We will work to keep you notified should the background check take longer than anticipated.

Important Information when picking up your firearm

When you arrive to pick up your firearm, you MUST have government identification that includes your name, address of residence and date of birth in order to validate that the information provided.  Suitable forms of identification include State Drivers License and Military ID.

You will also be required to fill out and sign ATF Form 4473 and VA state form and approved background check prior to taking possession of the firearm.  

What if I am denied?

If you are initially denied, this could be a simple mix up and just need to work with the local / state police to iron out the reason for the denial.  

In times where you are deemed a prohibited person ineligible to receive the firearm (did you or should you have answers yes to the questions listed in the Owning a Firearm section?), I will not be able to transfer the firearm to you, or your brother/wife/uncle or anyone else.  I will remain in possession of the firearm, and you will be responsible for any return shipments or a $20% restocking fee.